Quackpot Play and win. $SOL / $BEAK and other tokens You can win $SOL or NFTs from different collections. Danger Valley holders can play Quackpot with different SPL tokens. We plan to expand the network of projects that will add their tokens to Quackpot. Some of the tokens we lose will be burned! This is the most fun, token-burning mechanic. In addition, Danger Valley holders will be able to play with the $BEAK token. Play
Rocket Quest Bonus game If you're tired of grinding whitelists in discord, you can try to win it here! The TOP 100 players will receive whitelists for Pigeons mint. The TOP 10 players will get the opportunity to mint Pigeons NFT for free! Play
QuackChess Fair chess on Solana We are going to develop Chess with proof of moves on the Solana blockchain. You will have to sign each move with your wallet.

We are also going to add the ability to gamble. Both players will deposit the agreed amount of $SOL or $BEAK and the winner will receive all the money. The logic will be developed inside the smart contract.

Let's grow the Solana ecosystem together. — You must have a Duck or a Pigeon in your wallet in order to play Chess.
Soon You must have a Duck in your wallet in order to play Chess.