a Solana-based
gaming platform
We are developing a platform where people can
play without a doubt.

a Solana-based
gaming platform
We are developing a platform where people can
play without a doubt.
a Solana-based
gaming platform
We are developing a platform where people can
play without a doubt.
Danger Valley Ducks is a Solana-based NFT collection that contains 7,777 Ducks.
It will be launched in early December. Holders of the Ducks will receive a lot of benefits on the Danger Valley platform.
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Roadmap Art
We're going to add new games pretty quickly. Here is a list of our first 3 games.
Solana-based NFT collection
7,777 algorithmically generated unique NFTs. They will be a part of the Danger Valley gaming platform.
Slot machine on Solana
We develop the slot machine with proof of generation inside the smart contract on Solana. It will be the first clear slot machine in the World.

We will have a limited number of spins every day/week. And this number is not per user, but per day total for all users.
Ducks owners will have priority access and will be able to do their spins earlier than the public.
Fair chess on Solana
We are going to develop Chess with proof of moves on the Solana blockchain. You will have to sign each move with your wallet.

We are also going to add the ability to gamble. Both players will deposit the agreed amount of SOL and the winner will receive all the money. The logic will be developed inside the smart contract.

You must have a Duck in your wallet in order to play Chess.
Founder & Solana developer
Twitter: @miketimashov
Mike founded our company. He is an expert software developer. He has a huge experience in Solana development. Interested in crypto since 2013. Interested in NFT since 2018. And now he is going to build the biggest Solana-based gaming platform.
Rocket Lewis
Art Director
Instagram: @rocket.lewis
He is the father of Danger Valley Ducks. Has a huge background as an Art Director in game development, and he has a far-sighted vision in Art. They work with Mike since 2015.
Community Manager
Twitter: @re_mesher
Remesher is the main person whom you speak with. He is responsible for our Discord, Twitter and Instagram. He has a lot of ideas on how to grow and support our community. You'll see it yourself soon.
Mobile Developer
Instagram: @nikolaiev_dm_10
Dima is our mobile developer. He is responsible for our application. All features which you see in our iOS and Android app - because of Dima. He manages mobile app content, send push notifications, and decide which new features to add first.
What is Danger Valley?
Danger Valley is a Solana-based gaming platform. All games which we will implement will be with "proof of move". Our first 2 games will be Jackpot (slot machine) and Chess. Both of them will be clear and each move will be stored on the Solana blockchain.
What is Danger Valley Ducks?
Danger Valley Ducks is an NFT collection that contains 7,777 Ducks inside the Solana blockchain. We are going to launch it in early December.
How much is Ducks mint?
0.77 SOL
When can I mint?
Early December.
What wallets can I use?
Phantom is recommended. But you will be able to use other popular Solana wallets.
Which secondary markets are you going to be listed on?
Ideally, we plan to be listed on Solanart. If not, we will be listed on all other popular secondary markets.

P.S. If you have an NFT secondary market and you want to list us, please contact [email protected]
Who are you?
We are a team of professionals based in Ukraine. Each of us has a huge experience in game development. 

Our team has:
  • Best art creator
  • Solana developer
  • Community manager
  • Mobile apps developer
  • Marketing manager